Gas flow rate calibrator

calGFR is designed for accurate gas flow rate measurement, calibration, heat input calculation and analysis in the field, in the production, or in the lab.

calGFR offers outstanding accuracy and ease of use for calibrating gas flowmeters of various types. The portability feature of this calibrator allows the user to calibrate in a laboratory or to assure the accuracy of production flowmeters in place. The heat input functions replace the manual time observation and related calculations.

Main features: 

  • automatic gas flow rate measurement
  • automatic heat input calculation
  • high accuracy
  • wide flow range
  • individually calibrated
  • portability
  • low pressure loss

Main functions:

  • gas flow rate measurement
  • gas heat input calculation  

Tranducers included:

  • volumetric gas meter with pulses output signal
  • temperature transducer
  • pressure transducer

Other components:

  • gas pressure regulator
  • electronic acquisition modules
  • aluminium profiles frame with 4 wheels
  • enclosure hosting electric and electronics components

Other functions:

  • graph of the relevant measures 
  • editor of calibration points
  • table of different gases with related calorific values
  • conversion formula displayed 


  • gas flow rate measurement and heat input calculator calSOFT
  • editor of calibration points CALed

Technical data: 

  • gas flow rate range: 60 - 10000 l/h
  • accuracy: +/- 1%
  • gas supply min 20 mbar, max 90 mbar
  • electric supply 230V 50Hz 8A
  • size cm 60 x 50 x h.90
  • weight kg 70
  • 3/4" gas supply
  • 3/4" gas outlet to the process
  • CE certification


  • meteo station
  • automatic gas pressure regulation
  • notebook
  • traceability to national institute