Gas Boilers End-of-Line

| What?

Microplan's end of line test rigs GB-EOL are suitable for:

  • condensing boilers
  • combi boilers
  • heat only boilers

| How?

GB-EOL test rigs are intended to perform a full functional test of gas fired boilers.   

| Where?  

At the end of the production line before packing.

| Who?

Manufactures of gas fired boilers.

| Why?

  • Test time reduction
  • Elimination of false failure 
  • User friendly interface
  • Quality improvement
  • Full traceability of test data
  • Human operations driven and controlled by the test rig
  • Test data available for statistical elaborations
  • Multilanguage software
  • Market credibility

| Which?

Microplan's end of line test rigs GB-EOL are already available for boilers with the following nominal power:

  • 5 - 50 Kw
  • 10 - 80 Kw
  • 15 - 150 Kw
  • 30 - 300 Kw
  • 60 - 600 Kw

but can be designed for any other range.

| Typical tests

  • Operator identification through scanner or badge
  • Boiler identification through barcode reading and test sequence automatic loading and running
  • Electric safety tests
  • Leakage test of gas circuit [learn more]
  • Leakage test of CH circuit
  • Leakage test of DHW circuit with net pressure or with high pressure (> 10 bar)
  • Gas valve setting for traditional boilers [learn more]
  • Gas valve setting for condensing boilers 
  • Fumes analysis (predisposition for external analyzers) [learn more]
  • 3-way valve rotation check
  • DHW flow switch check, minimum flow for lighting on
  • CH flow measurement
  • Electric absorption of boiler and/or circulator
  • NTC flue temperature measurement
  • Boiler's power measurement in CH and DHW mode
  • Slow ignition check 
  • Modulation check in CH and DHW mode
  • Boiler's stop check on gas supply interruption
  • Fumes safeties check
  • Direct communication with boiler's PCB [read more in our blog]
  • Test status interface with transportation line
  • Test data saving

| Software