Fireplaces and Stoves Laboratory

|  What?

Microplan's FS-LAB test rigs for fireplaces and stoves are suitable for efficiency tests according to the EN 13229 standard.


Microplan's FS-LAB laboratory test rigs are intended to give the end user the control over the temperatures of the water circuit and the efficiency calculation.


In R&D laboratories.

| Who?

  • Manufactures of fireplaces and stoves
  • Notified bodies
  • Products' homologation institutes

| Why?

  • Benchmarking 
  • Time to market reduction
  • Efficiency calculation
  • Product certification
  • Quality improvement
  • Reserach & development of new products
  • Full traceability of test data
  • Test data available for statistical elaborations
  • Market credibility

| Tests

  • Full flexible tests; the synoptic panel is available to the operator to:
    • automatically reach the thermal steady state
    • long-time keeping of the thermal steady steate
    • activate any component through mouse and keyboard
    • log any measurement
    • graph any measure
  • Automatic efficiency calculation
  • Automatic regulations; the operator can set the parameters to perform:
    •  automatic PID regulation of water flow rate and temperatures
  • Safety check: check of safety circuit (if present)

| European standards

EN 13229