Electric power calibrator

calEAP is designed for accurate measurements of the electric absorbed power, calibrations, analysis in the field, on the shop floor or in the lab.

calEAP offers outstanding accuracy and ease of use for calibrating electric prower transducers of various types. The portability feature of this calibrator allows the user to calibrate in a laboratory or to assure the accuracy of production transducers in place.

Main features: 

  • electric absorbed power measurement
  • high accuracy
  • individually calibrated
  • portability

Main functions:

  • measurement of the electric absorbed power
  • generation of an electric load from 100 to 400 Watt  

Transducers included:

  • electric power transducer with display

Other components:

  • 4 electric resistances of 100 Watt each
  • 4 on/off selectors for the resistances 
  • electric supply of the device under calibration trough plug or 3-wire connection 
  • main switch
  • metallic enclosure with handle

Technical data: 

  • range of the electric powers: 0 - 550 Watt
  • accuracy: +/- 0.5% f.s. 
  • electric supply 230V 50Hz 4A
  • dimensions cm 450 x 390 x h.175
  • weight kg 9


  • Each unit can be supplied complete with calibration certificates traceable to the Italian national institute of calibration Servizio di Taratura in Italia (SIT).